Our concrete Form work is of the highest quality with Expert Supervision, Highly trained staff and Professional Ethics. Taurus Structures owns some of the latest and safest formwork equipment avalible on the market. By owning our own equipment

Taurus Structures supplies and install most of the conventional concrete systems available on the the market. Our main market target is In-situ, but We consist of the knowledge and capability to supply and install Pre-cast slabs, Rib and Block, Vo

Reinforcing Supply and Fixing is one of Our main focus points. We have the resources and capability to supply, cut, bend, deliver and fix on big or small demand. We have one of the best reputations when it comes to reinforcing fixing by our Eng

Concrete is one of the main role players in achieving our end products. Being such a big factor in our end product We have specialized concrete placers with the necessary skill and knowledge for us to archive a satisfactory finish and end product.

When it comes to "Maintenance free" there is very little that can compare with Off-Shutter concrete. We have specialized concrete mix design which carries a 100 year Guarantee. Taurus Structures has a wide variety of Off-Shutter produ